Troubleshooting being an integral part of any video delivery deployment, First Media™ provides industry’s most comprehensive troubleshooting suite of products that provide capability to test, measure and diagnose media quality issues both at the field and head-end. With 50% of problems reported relating to access and client locations, solving break fixes is an integral part of providing quality customer service. Mapan™ suite of products helps easily identify problems like defective CPE, intermittent connectivity issues, channel availability and video quality issues.

With increasing complexity in the network and at customer premises, the provisioning time increases along with cost of installations. Aided by Mapan™ suite of products technicians are enabled with tools that help them resolve issues more efficiently.

Mapan Pro™ is the world’s first iPad based IPTV Quality of Experience (QoE) tester, a unique offering from First Media that helps service providers troubleshoot their IPTV services delivered to all wireless connected devices. First Media’s answer to tackling repeat truck rolls and eliminating analysis speculation Mapan Pro™ aids in accurate installation and break fix and is designed to support both field technicians and Tier 2 NoC Engineers. Understanding that a Telco’s service goes above and beyond general video delivery, First Media’s unique solution tests Broadband, Over –The – Top, Channel Availability, Video QoE and Transport Stream, ensuring that all services are tested and verified.
Flexible, functional and user-friendly: this tool is available on iOS devices. Taking into consideration different aspects of cost avoidance Mapan Pro™ helps reduce number of repeat truck rolls and consequently helps drive market share and provide a quicker rollout with an invaluable add on – customer satisfaction!

Mapan Diag™ is a laptop based solution that offers “One Click” Install/Service Verification for enabling Triple Play services. It provides a clearance “pass” or detailed analysis of a failure encountered with supporting data and suggested resolutions. It provides the capability to test and measure media for quality both on field and in the head end. Mapan Diag™ is a field technician’s tool which provides comprehensive test capability on the field right from the ADSL (broadband connectivity level) to monitoring channel availability, measuring QoE for channels and playing channels on the test tool. It also has an integrated work flow management through which technician can synchronize backend CRM systems, update work assignments and progress status through an easy to use GUI. Tested on all versions of Windows laptops, Mapan Diag™ is a truly cross platform, easy to use application.

Mapan Diag™ provides excellent return on investment by reducing provisioning time, reducing cost of installation and reducing the skill level of technicians required.

Mapan Spring™ is a full-fledged video quality stream generator providing IPTV operators with multicast video over IP streams to test the performance of their network components. Mapan Spring™ simulates real world scenarios by supporting multiple payload types, ability to modify and impair streaming content, duplicate IP packets, add jitter, modify PCR values and other network stress test scenarios. Mapan Spring™ has the in-built capability to induce errors in the audio and video level on the transport streams in both VBR/CBR configuration like CC loss, drop I, B, P frames and drop audio packets. Mapan Spring™ can also induce network level errors too such as RTP OOS, RTP Jitter and IP Jitter. Supported test profiles are:
• MTS over UDP
• MTS over RTP
• MPEG4-ES over RTP
• H.264 over RTP

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