Mobile Video

First Media’s end-to-end video customer experience management product suite Xpertis™ serves as the perfect solution for mobile TV service providers. Be it Multicast Broadcast, VOD, Internet Streaming, HTTP Streaming or OTT; Xpertis™ monitors them on all four recommended levels – Content, Container, Transport and Transaction level. With Xpertis CQA™ sitting at the head end, Xpertis Net™ along the deployment, Xpertis Mobile™ on the mobile device and Xpertis Air™ on laptops/PC’s, tablet PC’s or any such video computing device; video quality is monitored at any and all points of problem incidence. Xpertis View™ provides a unified, real-time, end-to-end visibility on downstream network health from the comfort of a centralized NOC. Technicians are able to troubleshoot and isolate problems through intelligent correlation of QoE values provided by a series of Xpertis CQA™, Xpertis Net™, Xpertis Mobile™ and Xpertis Air™ probes deployed.

Xpertis CQA™ is the Content Quality Analyzer component deployed typically at the head-end of the multi-play network. Equipped with the capability of analyzing before and after encryption, Xpertis CQA™ analyses media at the content layer to procure the QOE of the video in the form of Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and other quality indicators like blur and jerkiness.These media parameters are communicated to the centralized end to end real time monitoring system Xpertis View™, a web based front end that also provides intelligent correlation of the quality parameters provided by all the probes of the Xpertis™ family. Eliminating tedious manual verification of channel quality, Xpertis CQA™ provides near real time indication of channel outages resulting in quicker problem resolution.

Deployed at strategic positions on the network, Xpertis Net™ probes packets flowing across the network at the content layer, media stream layer and the transport layer. Monitoring hundreds of channels simultaneously Xpertis Net™ identifies important indicators that can affect video quality like TS Jitter, IGMP Latency and OOS Packets. These parameters are also translated into easy to understand Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) using our own intellectual property called Subscriber Viewing Experience (SVE) model. Xpertis Net™ is also able to provide transaction quality for VOD channels as well. Providing timely channel availability and QOE reports help drill down to the particular segment of the network causing quality issues, making Xpertis Net™ a reliable measure of service quality.

Xpertis Net™ 3.1 can also be integrated seamlessly into any Microsoft Mediaroom® based service provider network. It can measure and report Microsoft Mediaroom® based KPI’s along with other network parameters to the centralized end to end real time monitoring system Xpertis View™.

An embedded software component deployed on any mobile device Xpertis Mobile™ continuously monitors mobile device performance, usage statistics and video QOE indicators based on First Media’s intellectual property Subscriber Viewing Experience (SVE) model. The results are delivered in real time to Xpertis View™, a web application frontend. Xpertis Mobile™ provides for QoE monitoring capabilities by way of “in service” and “passive” measurements done at the service level. Dwelling in the OS level of the mobile device, Xpertis Mobile™ actively identifies problem areas and provides input to the Subscriber Viewing Experience (SVE) model which in turn estimates the Mean Opinion Scores (MOS). Xpertis Mobile™ supports multiple delivery mechanisms such as True Streaming, HTTP Streaming, and Progressive Download.

Monitoring video quality on an endless variety of video computing devices is Xpertis Air™ an embedded software component of the Xpertis™ product suite. Xpertis Air™ provides for continuous monitoring of streaming video at end point delivery, device performance, usage statistics and also does regular performance tests to monitor the quality of mobile broadband service. The gathered media quality information is communicated periodically to the centralized Xpertis View™ platform in the NOC.

Xpertis Air™ soft code resides at the OS level of the wireless device and captures media sequences. These captured sequences serve as input to the Subscriber Viewing Experience (SVE) model which in turn estimates the Mean Opinion Scores (MOS).Xpertis Air™ supports multiple delivery mechanisms such as True Streaming, HTTP Streaming, and Progressive Download.

The individual components of the Xpertis™ product suite communicate periodically to Xpertis View™ about the QOE metrics of media received at the strategic network points. Xpertis View™ has a communication server front-end through which the other Xpertis™ family products contact Xpertis View™. Xpertis View™ correlates the received metrics and provides a broad perspective of the video quality across the deployment.The information is available in an easy to use browser front-end that can be accessed by a NOC technician, a customer support executive, field technician, and network managers.

In addition to the above, Xpertis View™ provides a remote diagnostics interface to Xpertis Remote™ component deployed at customer STB. Network support staff can isolate troublesome or affected STBs from the top level end-to-end QoE view, and have the ability to remotely assess the troublesome STB to gain firsthand information without involving costly truck rolls.

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