First Media’s Iprecitas™ product suite provides end to end QoE management solution to a Broadcaster, Cable TV provider, DTH delivery platform and Satellite TV Provider. Iprecitas CQA™ can analyze the quality of content received from upstream provider or studio recorded content and sets a reference for expected quality downstream. Iprecitas TSA™ provides video quality of encoded stream just before it is on air.

The Content Quality analyser component of the Iprecitas™ QOE verification product suite from First Media, Iprecitas™ CQA typically sits at the head end of the multiplay network, and can analyze media before and after encoding. Iprecitas CQA™ can take input through MPEG-2 Transport Stream over IP interfaces. In addition to these live media inputs, Iprecitas CQA™ supports file based static content such as network capture files, popular media file formats such as .avi or .mov files. Analysing media quality by decoding frame by frame Iprecitas CQA™ provides a number of video quality parameters such as Blur, AV Sync and Jerkiness. Using these quality indicators and making use of the Subscriber Viewing Experience (SVE) Model; Iprecitas CQA™ estimates Mean Opinion Scores (MOS). The results are plotted live in an easy to use GUI application. Technicians can interact with live values to analyze the details of any impairment noticed.

This is the Transport Stream Analyser component of the Iprecitas™ QOE verification suite from First Media. It can be deployed anywhere along the network, where it’ll probe the packets flowing through the network and analyze media quality parameters at the content level (using header information), media stream level as well as transport network level. Capable of monitoring hundreds of channels simultaneously Iprecitas TSA™ supports MPEG2 transport stream over RTP and MPEG2 transport stream over UDP. Iprecitas TSA™ measures quality indicators like MDI, IGMP, RTP loss and Jitter. Using these measured values; Iprecitas TSA™ uses First Media’s SVE model to compute QoE metrics. All the above measures and calculated QoE metrics are displayed in an easy to use GUI. Iprecitas TSA™ also supports file based capture instead of a live MPEG2 stream.

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