About Us

Addressing the Customer Experience challenges for global IP based video delivery service providers and content providers; First Media provides industry’s first truly end to end video QOE management solution. Our range of products and solutions for IPTV service providers, Mobile TV service providers, Cable TV service providers, Satellite TV service providers, and Broadcasters is known for its versatility and adaptability to provide a unified view into the health of the video as viewed by the end user on any video computing device be it a TV, a Smartphone or a Tablet PC. The unique ability of being able to assess encrypted media protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) is made possible with our Subscriber Viewing Experience (SVE) model, an intellectual property of our own that translates network parameters such aspixelization, packet loss, jitter and latency to easy to understand Mean Opinion Scores (MOS).

First Media is a privately held company based in Dallas, Texas with sales operations covering the US, European and Asian regions.

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